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Raised in Laguna Beach and New York City,Christiana is an artist that utilizes her Israeli, Eastern European heritage to investigate her personal and cultural displacement creating a passionate desire for intra-personal and community awareness. As a child growing up in dozens of childrens homes and foster care, she was eventually adopted at the age of five. Christiana's experiences have urged her quest for her identity, and art was a likely refuge, where her emotions nurtured self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Christiana has always maintained a positive attitude towards life, which is displayed through her life affirming work. As a result of this, she extends her desires, encouraging herself and others to support others in their life struggles. This selfless calling has compelled her to materialize elements in her work that incorporates social issues such as poverty, prejudice, mental dissabilities, racism, trafficking, homelessness, oraphaned and abused children and global neglect to bring awareness to the plight of others.

While using the human form or forms as the starting point for her artistic journey, Christiana avoided traditional objectification in an attempt to reclaim her personal, physical, and cultural identity. Christiana positioned the figures as an iconic figures of strength to seduce the audience and materialize specific social issues in hoping to incite discussion and a positive change. It is her ability to employ vibrant and intense colors, poetry and wild textures that forges a vibrating tension that emanates from her work. This often times causes an emotional shift or awakening in the viewer's experience. Furthermore, she frequently harnesses the symbolism of masking and unmasking the the form or forms as icons to interpolate the purpose of personal beauty with social injustice that stigmatizes it. Today Christiana's pieces are considered Vision board Art on Canvas. Her art has the soul purpose to heal from the past or to create a future dream.